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Wednesday, 8:30 AM

Exploring Weather Data with Python

Lancaster 456 (Lancaster 456)

Build a Blazor Application in a Day

Olive Branch (Olive Branch)

Thursday, 8:30 AM

You and Your Technical Community

Grand Ballroom (Grand Ballroom) | community

Thursday, 9:15 AM

The New Technology Employment Contract

Grand Ballroom (Grand Ballroom)

Thursday, 10:00 AM

Thursday, 11:15 AM

.NET MAUI Blazor - A New Way to Mobile Develop

Office Plaza 202 (Office Plaza 202) | maui, blazor, mobile


Lancaster 456 (Lancaster 456)

Thursday, 1:15 PM

Full-Stack App Development Using Expo

Lancaster 456 (Lancaster 456) | ios, android, web, native

Thursday, 2:30 PM

Fun with CSS

Arbor 1 (Arbor 1)

How yoga has made me a better developer.

Lancaster 123 (Lancaster 123)

Thursday, 3:45 PM

Getting started with Kubernetes

Hawthorne (Hawthorne)

Keeping up with C#

Lancaster 123 (Lancaster 123) | c#, .net

Friday, 8:30 AM

Growing a Learning Organization

Grand Ballroom (Grand Ballroom)

Friday, 9:15 AM

Friday, 10:00 AM

The Modern CSS Toolkit

Hawthorne (Hawthorne) | css, front-end

Effective Data Visualization

Office Plaza 202 (Office Plaza 202) | data

Friday, 11:15 AM

Feeding the Headless Monster

Office Plaza 202 (Office Plaza 202) | cms, headless, javascript

Friday, 1:15 PM

The Taming of the API

Yankee Hill (Yankee Hill) | api, microservices, cloud

Friday, 2:30 PM

Automating Excel with Python

Office Plaza 202 (Office Plaza 202) | python, automation, excel

Demystifying Azure Pricing

Lancaster 123 (Lancaster 123)

Friday, 3:45 PM

Lean Coffee

Arbor 2 (Arbor 2) | discussion

Controlling Cloud Costs

Office Plaza 202 (Office Plaza 202) | cloud, costs, devops