So your organization has been doing Scrum for a while and the powers that be decide it’s time to scale up that there agile. Or maybe more traditional frameworks just aren't delivering the right value at the right time and leadership is looking for a different way. So your boss introduces you to the SAFe consultant they’ve hired and a miraculous new level of scaled agile delivery is coming soon to a theater near you! We’re going to identify dependencies and deliver features and commit to multiple sprints. It’ll be glorious! That’s the promise. And in too many cases, the agility gets taken right out of the equation.

I have been a PMP project manager for 20+ years, an agilist for the last 10 years and I’ve both lived through SAFe implementations and observed them from a distance. A commonality I see is a reversion to siloed, waterfall thinking. This brearkout session is a discussion of those paralells and what we might be able to do as organizations/scrum masters/teams to nudge SAFe back toward agility.