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Build a Full Stack .Net Core MultiTenancy Web Application with Angular

In this session, we'll go from the ground up to a fully functional .Net Core Web application using Angular on the front-end. This is accomplished with a free framework: ASP.Net Boilerplate.

We'll start by getting a project up and running, which does have a few tricks. Once we're up and running, we'll be able to move very quickly through some of the key points of the layered architecture.

We'll build a model and create the code-first migration to set the database using Entity Framework Core. We'll then build an application service that leverages dependency injection to work against our data. We'll Swagger our service so that the front-end can leverage the automatically generated service proxies.

Our UI layer will leverage Angular and will be fully built in typscript with less and html. With a few notes about some wiring most of the "hard" work of angular is handled for us, and we can concentrate on coding our systems.

Authentication and permissions are a breeze, as are managing roles and user permissions, making setup for multi-tenancy with various user roles fairly painless. This is accomplished through an admin user that can manage users and roles, and also by locking down various methods in our service with code.

The guys at Volosoft have thought of mostly everything - even setting up a built-in multi-lingual architecture. Furthermore, if you need a more powerful solution that has built in masquerading, a full version of the product is available for purchase at ASP.Net Zero.


Brian Gorman

Brian Gorman

Lead .Net Developer, Far Reach

ASP.NET Core Development Workshop with CI/CD

Sometimes all you need is a little push to make a leap to a new technology stack, but the learning curve can after push back against a desire to move foward.

In this full-day workshop we will work through the entire software development lifecycle of a project created with ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework, and Azure DevOps. In this full day session we will cover.

  • Basic project Architecture
  • Code Re-Use and Dependency Injection
  • Entity Framwork Core Basics, including databse migrations/deployment
  • Unit Testing Implementation & Limitations
  • Response and Object Caching
  • Azure DevOps Builds & Deployment

    At the end of the day attendees will bea ble to create their own projects from end-to-end with a solid platform including Continous Integration/Continous Development practices and unit testing.


Mitchel Sellers

Mitchel Sellers

CEO, IowaComputerGurus, Inc.