In 2014 Dave Thomas, one of the founders of the Agile movement, famously stated that ‘Agile is Dead’. But the reality is that agile isn’t dead, it has become something far worse - the ‘undead’. Shambling managers of ‘agile’ organizations are continually debating/embracing process to seek out the ‘Braaaiins’. Those with actual agility are scrambling to safety in hopes that they aren’t consumed by the zombie horde.

Can you avoid those who are infected by their captivation to procedure? If not, can you gain immunity by selectively embracing effective aspects of their process? Furthermore, can this immunity aid in finding a cure through empirical observation and the rejection of ineffective practices? Is it possible to achieve this without endangering oneself?

Join Joel and Ellie… er….. an Agile Survivalist in an exploration of the infected, how to endure and survive, and maybe even how to purge the zombies in your environment.