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Up and Running with Angular

If you have ever wanted to code an application with Angular this is your chance. Join us for a fun filled day of learning Angular in this hands-on workshop. You will go from 0 to 60 with your Angular knowledge and be able to create our own Angular applications by the end of this workshop. We will start with a new project and continue to build up the project until we have a full application at the end.

Topics Covered

  • What is Angular and the different parts that make up Angular?
  • Angular CLI Overview
  • Angular project layout overview
  • Creating common components like headers, footers, and menus.
  • Applying CSS to just a single component vs the whole site
  • Creating new components (pages)
  • Routing between components (pages)
  • Calling an external http service
  • Preparing your application for deployment
  • Testing overview (if time permits and our brains aren't already full with Angular knowledge)

Pre-Requisite Knowledge:

  • Html and CSS
  • Understanding of how events like click work in Html/JavaScript
  • TypeScript is helpful but we will cover the needed knowledge if you do not have any TypeScript experience


  • Node LTS 6.x (
  • Visual Studio Code (
  • Angular CLI (npm install -g @angular/cli)
  • Create a new Angular project using the Angular CLI
    • Open Command Prompt or Terminal
    • Navigate to c:\ on Windows and ~/ on Osx
    • Run: mkdir projects
    • Run: cd projects
    • Run: ng new ng2ws --style scss --routing
    • Run: ng serve
    • Open browser and navigate to http://localhost:4200 and you should see the default web page for your Angular application


Justin James

Justin James

DevOps Evangelist, Intel

Upgrading JavaScript Frameworks: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Ever wondered if you should take the time out of day-to-day feature implementation to resolve some technical debt by upgrading your JavaScript framework?

While you might have upgrade fever and can think of lots of reason to adopt this new and epic framework, there are many gotchas that you should be aware of before you make that decision.

I will be talking about the pros and cons of upgrading, as well as provide some real world issues I have ran into. Most examples will be based on AngularJS/Angular with some discussion on ReactJS also. However, many of the topics can be applied to upgrading to and from any JavaScript framework.


Kyle Thayer

Kyle Thayer

Technical Lead, Xpanxion