You write great code: it's elegant, easy to understand, formatted well, and it works! It's perfect, right? But then that dummy comes along (it might even be you!) a week, month or year later to make a change to your nearly devine code and they have no idea what you were trying to do and make a complete mess of things with their changes. Your code may have worked, it may have made sense TO YOU, but if the next person can't modify it without making a mess, then your code wasn't maintainable. Maintainability is just about the most important quality of good code - second only to doing what's it's supposed to do. It's a difficult thing to describe, and even more difficult to achieve.

In this session, we'll attempt to identify what makes code maintainable, and more importantly, we'll examine some best practices that will help you write more maintainable code. You're co-workers (and future self) will thank you.