Solution Fitness is an aggregate measure of the overall health, resiliency, and maintainability of a group of software systems. It is made up of many smaller components that represent healthy software systems and ideal development practices. Solution Fitness is adapted from the popular Joel Test – 12 Steps to Better Code.

This approach is used to manage the complex and fast-changing landscape of Spreetail’s software platform. In the past, health and wellness of software was a subjective “feeling” - Spreetail was not using objective measurements to ensure code (and departmental) health. For example, some developers felt that systems were brittle and riddled with duplicated code. Other developers thought more highly of systems. These conflicting thoughts led to general malaise spread throughout the team. Solution Fitness gives a framework for discovery, learning, and (eventual) improvement of software systems, leaving developers empowered and motivated to build great software.

The talk will cover the overall Solution Fitness Framework, including the following benefits: • Platform Visibility • Distributed Opportunities for Professional Development • Increasing Stakeholder Trust of Engineering Teams

The talk will also touch on specific components of the Framework, including: • Application Performance Monitoring with New Relic • Continuous Quality Measurement with SonarQube