Not all aspects of software architecture are glamorous, some are downright stressful and often lead to anxiety and stress. One of such roles is the selection of technology stacks and the decision making that goes into which solution should be utilized.

Even within the Microsoft space in 2022 we have so many different models of development that it is becoming increasily more difficult to make seemingly simple decisions such as which technology stack should be used and why. We are presented with so many options, how do we best analyze and select a platform? This session strives to dive into the decision making process, not necessarily any technology specific solutions. Looking at elements such as:

  • Developer experience
  • Training ability
  • Future growth/patching tolerance
  • Performance & Scale requirements
  • Environmental requirements
  • Time to delivery
  • Deployment/update scenarios

All of these, and more, should be considered with each and every technology selection. it is very easy to back yourself into a corner without a proper approach to th decision making process.

At the end of this session attendees will have a framework of understanding with regards to technology stack evaluation and how best to pick a future solution while considering all of the risks/rewards.