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A Developers Introduction to Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an open source tool for container deployment and orchestration of containerized applications. With Kubernetes, you can easily manage your software as a service deployments and scale your applications on the fly. In the presentation, we will overview the Kubernetes system and will demo a real software project for deployment in the Google Container Engine.


Tyler Morten

Tyler Morten

CTO, Givestack, Inc.

Package All The Things

So you are a developer. That's cool. You make people's dreams come true with code? Great!

Now what?

How can you share your creations with the rest of the world, especially fellow developers?

Packaging and deploying software for discovery and use by an audience of your programming peers tends not to be fun, straightforward, or exciting.

Come to this session for some exciting, straightforward fun as we take a whirlwind, polyglot tour of software packaging and publishing systems. We will utilize an example web service client implemented for different ecosystems (JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, Ruby) to compare and contrast the steps needed to make your super cool code public and your project a success.