Overview: This breakout session discusses the role, creation and value of the working agreement in the agile development methodology. Outline: - Personal Story: How I came to need and love working agreements in my own projects. - Don’t leave scrum team relationships to chance - What does a working agreement include? o Values o Beliefs o Expectations o Group Norms - Take the guesswork out of a team’s “clicking” - Teams have emotions, thoughts and feelings - Questions to ask when developing the working agreement - Scrum Master Empowerment - Benefits - How to conduct the meeting to create the agreement - Sample Meetings / real-world examples - Tips for success - Scrum Masters role in a working agreement - Questions / Comments?

Slides: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8MrnPqf8iyKZnVBOW55R2JTdkk/view?usp=sharing