During this workshop we will collaborate, design, and implement a solution that will result in a working, business-focused, event-driven application in modern C# (dotnet). If you want to be involved from building a solution from scratch this is your opportunity.

We will begin by Event Storming, which is a workshop-based method to quickly find out what is happening, or needs to happen, in the domain of our software application. This means of business-process modeling and requirements engineering will enable us to begin designing our application. Our application will instill Domain-Driven Design concepts so we can bake business logic into our code to be expressive, understandable, and maintainable. We will also utilize CQRS and Event Sourcing to capture state changes and intent, allowing us to make an application that is robust, performance-minded, and observable.

We will discuss how these strategies can reduce business complexity, make our applications far easier to maintain and evolve, and going over the open source software that can make it happen.

If you want to see "real world" development that is focused on the domain and how that translates into powerful, modern, asynchronous software then this is a workshop you do not want to miss.

Note: A code repository will be publicly available to provide a helping hand in interest of time and comprehension so no one is left behind. This course assumes you some knowledge in C#, SQL, and Docker. Working experience in a language comperable to C# like Java could certainly follow along.