In this session, we will show you how to deploy a simple (yet functional) serverless webapp to Amazon Web Services (AWS) using the Everything-As-Code approach. We will begin with a short review of the architecture itself, highlighting the AWS Products used. Next, we will deploy the code the builds it all, showing you the AWS Console approach first. The AWS Console is not code though, so we will also show you the code-centric approach (spoiler: we are using a script for this). The deployment takes some time to complete, so while we wait, we will review the CloudFormation template(s), resources, and tools used to build this solution. If all goes well, we will have a functioning webapp. We will close out the demonstration by showing a some updates made using the Everything-As-Code approach.

Links will be provided for the entire code base used during this session (hosted on GitHub). We may even have some experts from AWS there to answer a few questions.