In late 2018, the engineering team at Buildertrend (BT) began a project to revamp our 13 year old web application. We've become an industry leading product by moving fast and focusing on what is important for our customers. This approach has worked extremely well for us, but it does come with tradeoffs. Much of our core web functionality still exists in ASP.NET Web Forms. We've also built APIs that mirror that functionality to support our native apps.

The goal of this revamp is to get the BT web application off of Web Forms as efficiently as possible. This talk will go into detail on how we're using a value engineering approach to move from Web Forms to a React / API driven front end. Value engineering is commonly used in the construction industry and refers to the systematic and organized approach for providing all necessary functions of a project at the lowest possible cost. At Buildertrend, we develop construction project management software so it made perfect sense to apply this concept to our project.

This talk will review: * The engineering tradeoff decisions being made with this approach. * The agreed upon migration process. * The complexities of migrating mission critical web pages, in many cases without system documentation on how things function. * The current state of the project @ BT. * The future opportunities, technical and business, created by this project.

This talk will not focus on best practices (although we did adopt them when we could!), but rather taking what you have today and making it better in an effective manner.