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Why Vue.js is Taking Over the Front-end World

Vue.js is the fastest growing JavaScript framework of all time. Now I know what you are thinking: 'Another JavaScript framework!' Well, this one is different. Vue.js is built on the ideas of simplicity and ease of use. This talk will be a comprehensive overview of how applications are build in Vue.js - including package management, directives, components. I will also touch on why it's so popular and the future of the framework.

Bootstrap Your App with AWS Amplify!

Front-end development can be complicated. There are enough libraries, and enough churn, to make anyone feel lost in the shuffle. Common concerns for any non-trivial modern web application include features like authentication, user content, logging, and analytics. In this session, we break down and demo the key features of AWS Amplify – an open-source library from Amazon. Amplify abstracts away the common functionality that so many applications share and allows developers to focus on business logic – not plumbing! In this session, we walk through a simple application highlighting the features and tools the library provides. This should leave you with the knowledge of how and why you would integrate this with your own projects. The session will use React to demonstrate the features of the library, but general front-end development experience is all that is required.


Mathew Warger

Mathew Warger

Developer, Keyhole Software