Answer the following questions using the provided blanks:

  1. What's better, making decisions based on emotions or reason? _

  2. Are you a rational person, or an emotional person? ___

  3. What about other people, are they rational or emotional? __

  4. Let's refine the question, what percentage of the time are you rational versus emotional? _/_

You--just like every other human being--act based on how you feel, not based on logic. Thinking influences how you feel, i.e. thoughts may expand your perspective, but you still act based on feelings. Thoughts are like a back seat driver while feelings are behind the wheel.

You can't do something if you don't think of it, but you also won't do something just because you think of it.

Let's talk about the above questions. No judgement. - You answered #1 based on how you feel about the idea of a rational person versus an emotional person because I asked you about that. That's priming. - The answer to #1 dictated the answer to #2 and #3. The dichotomy didn't introduce the possibility that you could be both rational and emotional. - #4 Even though there's no established way to measure what percentage of the time you are one versus the other, you still answered. And again based on how you answered #1. You adjusted down from 100% one way or the other because nobody is perfect! Again, no judgement here, just observation. - I could be completely wrong in assessing how you answered, I'm using my feelings to guide what I think you would feel.

Knowing this--that we act based on feelings--opens the door to fascinating questions: - What dictates feelings? - What should I feel in a given situation? - What if I don't understand how I feel? - What if what I feel is misguided? - How can I use feelings to my advantage? - How might feelings jeopardize success? - Are feelings the key to understanding people?

Join me for an hour to answer these questions an many more. You'll walk away with tools to better understand and control feelings.