The Microsoft Dynamics365 platform is an extremely powerful platform that can be leveraged to manage many aspects of a business. Whether it comes to sales, marketing, service management, finance, or a number of other custom solution offerings many businesses can benefit from the Dynamics 365 platform.

Many architects and developers are unfamiliar with this platform and how it can be leveraged to provide a powerful and easily customized solution.

During this session we will demonstrate and discuss the following topics:

• An overview of Dynamics, it’s pricing, and how it can be leveraged in various scenarios • Extending the Dynamics data structures through Dataverse • Customizing the Dynamics 365 UI Model-driven Power Apps • External integrations with Dynamics 365 via APIs (demonstrated in C#) • Reporting on Dynamics data through PowerBI • The general development workflow for customizing Dynamics environments

This session will be a great way to familiarize your team with the Dynamics eco-system and the possibilities which exist for building on top of it’s foundation to quickly and efficiently provide powerful business solutions.