In today's job market being an effective communicator is a critical skill even if you are a developer who just wants to write code all day. Being a confident communicator and public speaker can set you apart from the crowd. Public speaking at the end of the day is all about effectively communicating our ideas to others. We have all been training our whole lives to be better communicators. Not a one of us was born with the ability to talk. Talking is a learn skill, just like public speaking is. Anyone can learn to be a confident communicator with a bit of know-how and some practice.

I will share with you how I went from a shy, introverted software developer who would run away from any kind of public speaking to a professional speaker that sprints towards every speaking opportunity and how you can do it as well. T

You will walk away on the road to becoming a confident public speaker that knows how to give an effective presentation and will be ready to rock your next presentation.