In this session, common pitfalls for agile teams are explored. Agile roles and team issues day-to-day are discussed. At the end of this session, leaners should have practical information to identify and solve common agile issues.

The following is a general outline: - Toxic product owners o Lack of Vision and Strategy o Mistrust of your team abilities o Generally does not understand or believe in the product o Trusts others more than you o Rude, belligerent and argumentative o Unqualified and uninformed o Pointing bully o Uninvolved - The Non-team Disease
o How to handle roles outside the project - Poor ceremonies o Stale Standup  No fun o Formulaic standup o Standup: Pushing forward and challenging each other o Ruh-Rohs in Retro: What to Expect When Reflecting  Same thing over and over  One size does not fit all o Feedback loops  Why agile demands them  Scrum Master Survey - Distributed Team Issues o Taking care knowing your team is different o Team time o Visuals o Showing movement - Cross-dysfunctional o No one is in charge o Social loafing o Training issues o Giving all the work to one person because they “know it”