Whether you are a small software company or a large enterprise, your ability to be successful is directly related to your development teams’ ability to rapidly respond to change. The responsibility of our software development teams is to enable this business agility. Our ability to do this will play a significant role in the success of our organization.

What most customers want from us is predictable outcomes, the ability to respond quickly and effectively to opportunities (something we call sustainable business agility), and improved visibility to enable informed decision making.

Solving this challenge has been a focus at Don’t Panic Labs for over 10 years. What we have ended up with is a hybrid approach to designing and building software that combines modern lean processes with disciplined software engineering and design. In this talk, I will walk through how we have integrated these lean processes and engineering activities to create the predictable, successful outcomes that enable us to manage the complexity of modern software system development and provide the agility our customers need.