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Eating the Elephant (how to get started on big projects)

You've just been handed a big project with a lot of players involved and you're looking to figure out what you have. Where do you start? Who is the expert? What needs to be delivered? When will it be done?

In this workshop, we'll show an approach that is used to gather the high-level requirements from whomever might know about them, gather consensus for who this product serves, what they can do with it, and what is important to the stakeholders. We'll walk through an iterative process for gaining an understanding of the project including assigning effort and value to individual pieces. We'll cover how to figure out what is missing and what is irrelevant.

This technique works for those both familiar and unfamiliar with agile development. It bridges the gap between technical professionals and non-technical business experts or stakeholders.

We will be covering various techniques such as silent brainstorming, clustering requirements, personas, user story maps, valuation techniques, effort estimation, and possibly some edge techniques for certain situations.


Rob Nickolaus

Rob Nickolaus

Director of IT, Arbor Day Foundation
Jess Osborn

Jess Osborn

Business Analyst, Arbor Day Foundation

The Joy of Story Mapping

Gathering requirements and drafting Product Specification Documents are often time consuming and fail to provide the expected benefit. For Agile projects we need a better method for figuring out what it is we need to build and so we normally have user stories. Unfortunately, a long list of user stories in a product backlog can be difficult to understand because a flat backlog makes the context of a story difficult to grasp. Story Mapping, a method pioneered by Jeff Patton, is an excellent way to gather requirements into stories as well as provide the appropriate context for those stories to be understood.

In this half-day workshop, you will learn about story mapping as well as apply your learnings to creating a story map of your own. You will also be equipped to return to your team and facilitate your own story mapping session.


Preston Chandler

Preston Chandler

Managing Partner and Technology Lead, Smart Opex and VML