Usability and User Experience are hot topics on the minds of both project stakeholders and customers. Many businesses are without dedicated UX professionals, committed to the research and design of key projects. As a developer, project manager, or business analyst, what can you do to improve the usability of your project? The answer: usability studies. Usability studies are an easy technique to learn and hard technique to master. Join Ash Banaszek, Sr UX Project Consultant at Union Pacific, as she walks you through the basics of usability studies to start finding real, actionable results to improve your applications. In this session Banaszek will take you through: * What are usability studies and why should we use them? * Pinpointing what parts of the app to study * Finding the right medium to test * Creating tasks and identifying users * Running a study * Interpreting results * Applying results to your design * Communicating results with stakeholders At the end of this workshop, participants have the ability to apply your knowledge by testing your own applications or an application the instructor provides. If you would like to test your own app, please be prepared to bring it and share.