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Fail Even Faster: Utilizing Personas and Paper Prototypes

In this session we will very briefly review the User Centered Design process so no prior knowledge is needed and we will dig deeper into personas and paper prototyping. For the second half of the session you will have the opportunity to try a simple paper prototyping project.

This session will be more hands on.


Shawn Hellwege

Shawn Hellwege

Senior Front End Developer, University of Nebraska

Navigating Screen Readers

Are you intimidated by operating a screen reader? For most sighted individuals using a screen reader is something they've never done before. If you're a developer or a QA that is producing accessible products using a screen reader becomes something that we must use for our jobs. And frankly, learning how to use one is not a easy feat.

This talk will go over how screen readers interact with the web, the basics of getting a screen reader setup on your computer, and how to operate it. You'll leave this session greater knowledge of accessible development and how to use a screen reader effectively.


Courtney  Heitman

Courtney Heitman

Technical Accessibility Specialist, Gallup