“You never give me any real spec!” “You always want everything spelled out to the nth degree!” “Nothing is ever good enough for you. You always want this changed, or that, or some new icon or something. Just tell me what to do!” “You’re always so specific! Just put something up there and let’s talk about it” “What is there to talk about? I can’t code something if I don’t know what it is!” “Let’s just see what happens.” “Are you f&c^!ng crazy?!"

Designer and Developer. You want to be together, but all you do is fight. You need each other, but you don’t speak the same language. It doesn’t have to be this way. Learn how the different vocabularies, and different worldviews of designers and developers lead to miscommunication, irritation, and bad software. Like a travel book for a foreign language, this talk will teach designers and developers the words and culture of the other, enabling them to get past the misunderstandings that waste time, frustrate the user, hurt the company.

Aimed at both designers and developers, you will learn enough of the other to communicate, develop a productive workflow, and make great products.