This session will explore the value of an Internal Developer Platform (IDP), including a discussion of the potential benefits and an in-depth demo of an enterprise-grade IDP implementation. An IDP unites different techs/tools to automate repetitive tasks & lower the cognitive load developers require to operate in complex cloud-native environments.

This real-time demo will walk through an IDP with cloud provisioning, automated app deployments, self-service dev features, and integration with key open-source tools like K8s, ArgoCD, Crossplane, and Backstage.

Jaime will also cover the potential benefits of an IDP, including:

  • Bringing a "self-service" approach to enterprise developers, allowing them to focus on bringing business value rather than the complex configuration needed to support application workloads.
  • Avoiding rogue architectures and cloud overspend by maintaining enterprise alignment on standard applications stacks, cloud provisioning, and compliance guardrails
  • Providing a "single pane of glass" for application management — consolidating the myriad of tools often needed to create, manage, and monitor apps in the cloud