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IoT for the .NET Dev

IoT is becoming more and more prevalent in our lives. Everything from home appliances to industrial warehouse sensors are getting connected to the Internet to leverage the power of the cloud. There will be great opportunity for those developers who understand how IoT can help industries move to this new frontier. Come explore how to leverage your .NET skills to reach the cloud with Windows 10 IoT on a Raspberry Pi. These days there are many ways to connect your IoT devices to the cloud, but in this talk we'll look at how we can utilize Azure services to integrate with physical devices. We'll show everything from how to interact with GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) to hooking up to Azure Functions with the Raspberry Pi. Come see how to put your Pi in the sky (cloud)!


Brent Stewart

Brent Stewart

Co-Founder, Alien Arc Technologies

Build Your Own Arduino Workshop

Participants in this workshop will be handed a shifty looking baggie full of inexpensive parts which they will use to create their very own Arduino - compatible microcontroller board.

While constructing the board, we will discuss and tinker with each component (clock source, power regulation, etc.) to see how they work. Then we'll boot 'em up and (provided the blue smoke hasn't escaped by this point) start writing some code and talking to some devices.


Clay Dowling

Clay Dowling

Agile Software Consultant, Pillar Technology