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An AI with an Agenda: How Our Cognitive Biases Leak Into Machine Learning

In the glorious AI-assisted future, all decisions are objective and perfect, and there’s no such thing as cognitive biases. That’s why we created AI and machine learning, right? Because humans can make mistakes, and computers are perfect. Well, there’s some bad news: humans make those AIs and machine learning models, and as a result humanity’s biases and missteps can subtly work their way into our AI and models.

All hope isn’t lost, though! In this talk you’ll learn how science and statistics have already solved some of these problems and how a robust awareness of cognitive biases can help with many of the rest. Come learn what else we can do to protect ourselves from these old mistakes, because we owe it to the people who’ll rely on our algorithms to deliver the best possible intelligence!


Arthur Doler

Arthur Doler

Senior Software Engineer, Aviture

What does your Instagram say about you? Exploring Google Cloud Vision AI & Machine Learning Products

Attendees will get to explore application development with Google Cloud Vision API which can categorize photos, detect objects, identify landmarks, and extract corporate logos from images. From there, the sky's the limit with exploring the detected labels. We'll check out different photo sharing accounts, and see what we can know about them all through their photos. This will use Google Cloud Platform, Ruby, with JSON formatted labels that are translated into a tag cloud with what activities are being displayed through the images and shows a cross-section of different technologies.


Christine Seeman

Christine Seeman

Software Engineer, Flywheel