Software development is an activity of discovery. We must take action to reveal the reality of the problem at hand, the elements of the solution, and to reveal the work that is needed to design and create the software required. This is the process of discovery.

The strength of Scrum and Agile lies in the simplicity and clarity of the values and principles we follow. These Values and Principles can empower the people doing software development in any organization, and enable us to make rapid strides to the "land of better".

As leaders, activators, and influencers of change in the companies we work with, it's up to us to understand the philosophy of Agile and how it embraces and empowers the process of discovery.

I'll share my thinking about these ideas, and how I them in my daily work to enhance Continuous Discovery, Learning, and Growth in the teams and companies I work with. Let's explore together and discover the path to the future we want to create.

Learning outcome: - An understanding of the importance of discovery - How Agile and Lean provide a path to discovery - An approach to our work that enhances discovering and creating the wonderful things we can't yet imagine.