In Design Studio, we manage nearly 30 projects a year made up of student development teams. We want all of our projects to be successful and for all of the students to learn how to work appropriately in a development environment. One goal of our projects is to prepare developers to be successful members of software development teams by exposing them to behaviors that are associated with building and releasing high-quality software products. Therefore, we promote and require certain activities related to "good" development behaviors across all of the teams. We have a core list of 10 behaviors/activties that are required. I will go over these 10 behaviors during this session explaining what the behavior/activity is and talk about why it is important. I will also review how we evaluate teams based on these behaviors and what we are looking for with each of them.

Attendees will leave knowing the 10 required development behaviors/activities we teach to all Design Studio project teams and why we feel they are important to the success of our projects and the education of our students.