Home automation has been an interest of mine for many years, but it has always been a frustrating mashup of proprietary systems. Performing the simplest of tasks was often impossible or required herculean effort to accomplish. This has improved over the last few years as we have seen an influx of opensource home automation projects and standards based communication. This new opensource software and hardware has opened up many opportunities to create increasingly advanced solutions. In this talk I will share my experiences of one of my most recent projects where I built out a lighting/security control system for my workshop. The technologies we will look at include: Home Assistant, Arduino, EPS32, Raspberry PI, MQTT, LIFX, 10v dimming, POE cameras, voice assistants and more. My solution combined many off the shelf components, open source software, a bit of custom code, and even some homemade hardware. Join me for a fun discussion on how we can automate all the things.