Agile is all around us. We see agile in small and large software teams. We see groups holding standups, using Kanban boards, and conducting retrospectives. IT and business teams are asked to do more with less and get it done quicker…and agile is the answer to all of that. Is it really the silver bullet? Will we get to our goals if we adopt agile practices? Do we know if we're doing things in a way that will help us?

An agile implementation based on incomplete or erroneous information may be creating as many issues as it solves. We may be doing twice the work to "transform" to agile without seeing any tangible benefits. In the end, we fail in our goals and we're ready to go back to what we know best.

But what if it isn't that hard? What if we just need a bit of core knowledge, a chance to practice, and a safe environment where we can ask the questions that will move the needle?

The team leading this workshop organizes Lincoln's agileLNK Meetup group ( At this workshop, we will demonstrate several agile techniques, explain when to use them (and when not to), and discuss the foundational agile principals behind each one. Every team uses standup meetings, right? What if not everyone is in the same time zone…or hemisphere? You will learn how to use familiar agile activities, but also why to use them and what alternatives fit better in different situations.

Common agile topics we will cover during the session: * Sprints/iterations * Standups * Backlogs * Retrospectives * Metrics * Self-organizing teams * Kanban * Scrum

We will have plenty of informal interaction time as well. Have a tough question or need advice? No problem. We're here to help!