Your work is going swell and everyone seems to be happy. But are things going as well as they could be? What frustrations are people experiencing but not verbalizing? Does anyone think that things should be better?

Maybe your backlog keeps slowly growing or it's a struggle to meet sprint commitments. Is your team taking longer to onboard new team members? Are there quality issues in deliverables? Team turnover increasing? Maybe you just feel like things aren't as simple as they used to be. Perhaps it's time to look at your team structure and how you organize around the work you deliver.

Join me for a peek at what might be a canary-in-the-mine signal that it's time to consider splitting the team and how to work through the decision. We'll look at the risks/rewards you'll likely face. We'll explore some potential dimensions to consider when undertaking a split. I'll give you some things to consider preparing for the breakup, how to minimize the downsides and how to navigate through the process.